Monday, September 27, 2004

A nice read from A Week in Wireless

Sometimes I get stuff from other sources that is just fun to read. Hope to be as entertaining myself when the opportunity arises:

A Week in Wireless 154
24th September 2004

Is it just the Informer or has Nokia started to resemble Gollum, from the Lord of the Rings movies?

“Ringtoneses? Nooooo, preciousssss. we doesn’t want to do ringtoneses. Massssster Carrier does ringtoneses, Nokia loves kind Masssssster Carrier.”

Having joined the GSMA and bent to the will of the operators in terms of handsets, Nokia has now taken a step towards dismantling its Club Nokia effort by exiting the ringtones business. Of course the decision is partly motivated by the fact that its ringtones business wasn’t making much money but Nokia’s suggestion that it only started offering them in the first place as a way of showcasing the capabilities of its hardware seems a trifle rich.

(some stuff snipped)

On the subject of children, the BBC ran a wonderful story this week about some comments made by one David Butler, head of the UK’s National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations. Mr Butler claimed recently that radio waves from mobile phones are good for children because they heat up their heads, allowing them to think more clearly. He said: “That heating effect actually improves the neuron transfers between neural pathways, and therefore your thinking ability goes up.”

Time for your medication, Mr Butler.


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