Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Some odd classification of content consumers

The Informer, writing in The Week in Wireless (an e-newsletter back after the summer) writes : "Finally, content billing specialist Bango has published a report into content consumption, expressing its results in terms that we can all understand. People that buy a lot of content are called ‘Porkers’ and those who buy the least are called ‘Nibblers’. When he first saw the title of the release – ‘Porkers spend the most on mobile ringtones’ – the Informer honestly thought it was a study into the worrying correlation between obesity and content usage, something that has been woefully absent from the mobile community's work into social responsibility. It could have been full of statistics about how more than half of Americans download unhealthy amounts of ringtones.

But it wasn’t. Bango reckons there is a growing number of Grazers; consumers who spend between $9 and $36 per month on content. For every twenty Grazers there is a Porker, says Bango, who can consume up to $90 a month, the greedy buggers. Some of them have even binged on $700 of content in a single month. Comfort downloading, presumably. Nibblers are like those annoying people who say: “Oh, I’ll just have a green salad, no dressing.” They only buy a ringtone every few months.

The rest of the world, who don’t buy any content, must, by Bango’s reckoning, all be suffering from eating disorders.

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