Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bite starts postpaid, WhiteHat «speaks»

Bite Latvija has launched its postpaid service, Bite Private, with an interesting feature, Bite Family, which allows up to four SIM cards/phones per one subscriber (a physical person). It allows free calls between these phones and, obviously, is aimed mainly at families or small networks of friends and relatives. However, it can also be used for small business purposes and is probably a forerunner of closed-group services for business customers which will offer free or very low cost calling among members of the group.
Bite also opened 10 points of sale of its services, subsidized and retail price phones, accessories and the like. A Bite boutique opened in Riga, and there will be Bite stands at several electronics stores in Riga and Daugavpils.
Meanwhile, WhiteHat of the Riga airport hacking scandal writes that the announcement by the airport admitting its network could be compromised was more open and honest than he had expected. WhiteHat expresses satisfaction that the problems are being solved but at the same time emphasizes that corporate data security in Latvia is poor.

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