Thursday, November 24, 2005

IPTV may bring faster Lattelekom DSL speeds

Although Lattelekom's planned but yet-to-be launched IPTV service will use around half (or 1 Mbps) of the 2 Mbps "open garden" speed of household DSL connections, the build-out of ADSL2+ in connection with the new service lays the groundwork for super-fast DSL in the future.
This blogger learned that the upgrade of Lattelekom's DSL network makes it possible to achieve speeds of up to 24 Mbps on parts of the network closes to the local switch (assuming the local copper loop is in good condition, etc.). This means that at some point, Lattelekom may be able to match the high speeds and value-for-money pricing of broadband in Sweden, where LVL 20 per month will get you 24 Mpbs or (probably not using DSL) up to 100 Mbps.
As for IPTV, my guess is that it will start working sometime after the New Year. There may be some testing going on now with a handful of users. That may expand somewhat in the next week or two. My personal guess is 60-40 that there will be Lattelekom IPTV by January 15, 75-25 by February 1. This year, well, remotely maybe...

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Anonymous said...

I feel that Apollo start IPTV=streaming over internet for OpenGarden users until 15 december, because of logical restriction to do something in network in Cristmas holidays time. Real IPTV serviss in end of Q3 2006.