Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tele2 launches 3G video telephony

Tele2 announced on November 29 that it is launching 3G video telephony service and opening a mobile internet portal for other 3G services.
The company may have gotten a jump on Latvian Mobile Telephone(LMT), which had scheduled a press conference for the same day. However, some sources say that LMT will not be announcing 3G video, but something entirely different.
Video calls will initially cost LVL 0.15 per minute and will be possible only within the Tele2 network. There will be rebates for customers on certain tariff plans. Video telephony will initially be available in Riga, where there is 3G network coverage.
The portal, 3GGolive, will presumably offer entertainment services at 3G download speeds.
The move by Tele2 is a surprise, as the company has been rather reluctant to push high-end services. It now looks like Tele2 will be pushing 3G phones at its shops, as they have scheduled a demonstration of the service using available Nokia (the 6630) and Ericsson phones.
According to LMT, there were only around 1 500 3G phones on its network. Tele2 doesn't disclose such data, but there is no reason to assume that they have more 3G phones. It remains to be seen how pushing sales of certain models (presumably pre-configured for 3G services in Latvia) will contribute to expanding sales.


Kristaps Kaupe said...

They could first make normal GPRS support and then start thinking about 3G services...

Juris Kaža said...

Tele2's GPRS is still free of charge. Don't expect the gift horse to fix its own teeth :):):)

Janis Kirpitis said...

According to Tele2 webpage GPRS services are charged since October 1st!

Anonymous said...