Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A bizarro experiment

Well, I am going to try to see whether it is possible to do a Vlog. Next time, I will work on lights, sound, shaving, and not looking like I have been on a three day bender* (it's past midnight and it is "the camera and lighting).
*bender = plosts or bujāns for my Latvian fans

I have retried this, my recording didn't upload. Blogger doesn't take video, but I have linked to some, probably bullshit site with another experiment. It looks like there will be a great deal of fucking around before this works... (And checking, it is pretty bad, ratty sound. The only reason I did this was the inevitable effects of a Double Coffee cappuccino at lunch. Your mind doesn not stop until now. What time is it? Don't ask. A shot of whiskey and to bed...)

So here is the video.

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mxz said...

It is difficult to see the point of vlogging, because this particular vlog entry looks more like a one way video chat at some dating service :) But given that it has some content - some story and some editing - it could be allright.

Somehow I don't think people really have the need for "vlogging" at the moment. I feel it's more like a "why-not-if-it's-possible" thing. Like the people who built a web browser in a fridge (or whatever). Cool, but certainly useless until the day the fridge integrates itself into some smart RIMI database. You get my point.

If you write, you type. If you like to shoot fun little movies with your friends - you can do that too, and post an entry about it, upload it, link to it and make your friends download it. But ugh... imagine all the little troubled kids posting "entries" about their teenage problems :))