Saturday, November 12, 2005

LMT running a focus group for mobile TV

Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT) is running some kind of focus-group experiment to determine what gets watched on its mobile TV service and how to package and price it. Mobile TV, available since the summer via GPRS and EDGE (not clear if it works at 3G speed in Riga, where most of the city now has UMTS coverage), cost LVL 0.05 per minute. That means you can burn the price of a feature movie (about LVL 3.00 at the Forum Cinemas in Riga) watching an hour of TV on your marvelous little Nokia 2.5 inch screen.
The focus group people (who may be a hundred or more) are allowed unlimited viewing to see what interests them. The next step will be to tailor the content appropriately. It certainly looks like LMT and the content providers are interested in finding the right mix and pricing before someone like Bite beats them to it. There were representatives from LMT and Latvian commercial TV operators TV3 and LNT at the recent Nordic Mobile Media conference in Vilnius, where some really impressive technologies and systems were shown. Vilnius, needless to say, is Bite's home turf.

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