Thursday, November 17, 2005

Students to hold OpenOffice Latvian adaptation marathon

Students at the University of Latvia are holding a marathon adaptation session on November 19 to make the open-source application suite OpenOffice fully functional in the Latvian language. Programmers are expected to sit up to six hours at a stretch translating and tweaking the programs to work with Latvian fonts and with fully Latvian menus.
This is reported by Latvian-language blogger Kristaps Kaupe, an IT specialist who blogs on IT and, sometimes, political themes at
I don't know whether the whizkids will produce a Mac version of OpenOffice, but if they do, it would be interesting to try it.

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CaptSolo said...

Juris, it would be helpful if your post had hyperlinks to the event you are writing about.

Without that it makes it hard for your readers to find more information about the topic. [News portals are very well known for this as they don't want to or don't know how to provide links where to find more information.]

And - congratulations on "jumping" into the V-log scene! :)